Operate a Car that You Don’t Own? Insure Your License.

Insure Your License Vancouver WA

Some Vancouver residents are licensed to drive, but do not own a vehicle. These drivers, however, may borrow cars from friends or relatives. If a person operates a vehicle who does not also own it, then they either need to be listed as an additional driver on the owner’s insurance, or obtain coverage via broad form liability policy.

This type of auto insurance allows drivers to insure themselves to drive most owned and non-owned vehicles. This is a great option for drivers who┬áswitch vehicles often and find it impractical to be listed as an additional driver on the owner’s policy. This is available for Washington state residents only. Some exclusions apply.

Insuring a License in Vancouver, Washington

If you are wondering if insuring your license is the right choice, call and talk to one of our professionals. We offer straightforward advice and information on your options. We can even help you find insurance if you need an SR22 certificate filed or if you have had a DWI or DUI.

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Insure Your License Vancouver WA

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