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Insure your license camas
If you want to insure your license in Camas, talk to All Risk Auto Insurance about broad form insurance. This type of coverage allows you to remain insured when you do not have a vehicle of your own, but occasionally drive other people’s vehicles.  You get the basic liability coverage required by Washington State so you and the car-owner can feel safe.

A BFNO (broad form named operator), insures a person on most owned and non-owned vehicles. Also, this is only available in the state of Washington. Oregon will offer a non-owned only policy but not an owned and non-owned. Residents can also have a few other coverages for an additional premium, not just liability coverages.

What are the benefits of insuring a driver’s license?

  • Avoid higher premiums down the road. When you do have your own vehicle in the future, if you have not had auto insurance coverage, you will be charged a higher, uninsured driver premium. Even if you have not been driving at all, the uninsured driver rate is unavoidable if you have not carried auto insurance for more than 30 days. If you have consistent, uninterrupted auto insurance, your rates will remain the same.
  • Sharing vehicles. You may have a living situation where there are multiple cars that are occasionally driven by different people. When you insure your license, you are able to drive other vehicles from time to time without needing to carry insurance on many different cars at one time. This is often an economically better solution for families with several adult drivers.

Broad Form Insurance for Camas Drivers

When you insure your license you have options that other types of coverage are not suited for. Give us a call and talk to us about your current needs. We are experienced in helping people find the right insurance, we can find the right policy for your specific situation as well as your budget.

Contact us today and ask to insure your license in Camas.


Insure your license camas

Also ask us about DWI& DUI Insurance and SR22 in Camas.

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