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All Risk Auto Insurance Answers Your Questions About Car Insurance

What is Comparative Fault?

Pure comparative fault allows your damages to be reduced by the percentage you are at fault in a loss. Insurers are allowed to investigate an accident and make a decision as to the percentage of fault of all parties involved. They will make voluntary offers based on this opinion. If you disagree with their evaluation, you should consult an attorney or turn over the matter to your own insurance company to handle under your collision coverage.

Can the driving/accident records of my child/spouse have an impact on my ability to buy auto insurance?

Yes, the driving record of any licensed driver in your household will affect the decision of the insurance company to insure your vehicle(s). It can cause you to be turned down for insurance coverage or to pay high-risk insurance premiums. You may want to ask your agent or insurer about a driver exclusion endorsement.

Can a finance company take out insurance on my car and charge me for it?

Yes, if under the terms of your loan, you agree to provide comprehensive and collision insurance, and you fail to do so. The lending institution can obtain a policy to protect its interest. These policies typically do not offer liability insurance coverage to meet the state’s financial responsibility (mandatory liability) laws.

Is it legal for an auto insurer to place me in a high-risk policy if I have not been insured in the last 30 days?

This can vary State to State. We advise you check with your State Dept’ of Insurance. This situation can be avoided by paying your premiums on time to avoid lapses in coverage.

Can the car insurance company tell me where to have the repair work done under either homeowners or auto?

Yes, if the insurance company is willing to guarantee the work. You always have the option to go to the repair shop of your choice, but you will be responsible for the additional costs. Your insurance company may only be obligated to pay for the lowest estimate.

I’ve had an accident with an uninsured motorist. What do I do?

Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. They enforce the financial responsibility (mandatory liability) laws in your state. They will investigate and, if necessary, enforce the statute. Also, if you were injured, you will want to report the loss under your uninsured motorist coverage with your company.

Do you have to buy uninsured motorist coverage on an auto policy

Many states do require this, although a few states will allow you to sign a waiver to remove it. You will need to check with your agent to see what your state requires.

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