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Many preferred companies will cancel you for as little as two violations in three years, or you may have a spotless driving record, but were not driving for a while, and not carrying auto insurance, or you may have to carry an SR22 for an uninsured accident that you were not even at-fault in.

Getting coverage is easy. Here’s what we’ll need to get started:

  • Signed insurance application and down payment.
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the insured auto.
  • Names, dates of birth, and drivers license numbers of all household members of driving age.
  • Out-of-state drivers licenses are accepted.


Available Discounts

Depending on what your insurance company offers, you may be eligible for a number of different discounts, including:

Safe driver discount:

if you have not had an accident or moving violation for a set period of time, or if you have recently taken a defensive driving class.

Multiple car discount:

if you are insuring more than one car with the same company.

Discount for safety and anti-theft devices:

for cars with specific safety devices (such as anti-lock breaks), or theft deterrent systems.

Low mileage discount:

if you drive the car fewer than a specified number of miles each year, typically 7,500.

We also offer:

  • American Automobile Association (AAA) discounts.
  • American Association of Retired Citizens (AARP) discounts.
  • Discounts for living in the same home for 12 months or more, and being at your current job for 12 or more months.
  • Homeowners discounts.
  • Discounts are available for being insured for the past six consecutive months.
  • Multiple line policy discounts available but not required.
  • No credit check required!
  • Discounts for members of the military.
  • Discounts available when your coverage is paid in full.

Other discounts may be available for long-time customers, students with good grades, college students away from home, and drivers over the age of 50 or 55. Be sure to ask!

Ready to get your insurance?

We’re ready to help. Whether you know what to do or not, our agents will be able to get you insured right over the phone – it’s easy! Contact us today.

We’ll make it easy for you!

If you’re already a client of All Risk Auto Insurance and would simply like to make a payment, one of our agents will gladly accept your payments in the office, or over the phone with a credit card.

Insure your license:

Be insured for liability coverages in anything you drive for the price of one vehicle with broadform insurance.

SR-22 Filings:

SR-22 filings – both Washington state and out of state, with no valid license required.

We offer down payments of just one month’s premium to get your policy.
We also offer pay-in-full discounts.

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